Saturday, September 3

I've been on hiatus for a while, but for a reason. Sadly on Wednesday, Aug 31st, we had to say our final goodbye to our family's first dog, 15 year old Yorkshire terrier Trixie. Her eyesight, hearing and body in general was failing her, and as much strength and pain it took us to carry her to the vets, it was her time to go.
She fell asleep in our arms and we held her when she left her tiny body behind. My Mum left the room at this point and I was left alone with the vet to give her one last kiss and take her collar as a keepsake.
We're all still in a state of shock, especially Gizmo who hasn't known a life without her. My Mum says never again will she put herself through this hurt. I remind myself that 15 years of her life was worth that one day, and all this pain. Trixie was worth all of it.

Rest in peace Trixie.
I hope you're having a lovely time at Rainbow Bridge with Zara, until we see you again.