Tuesday, September 13

watching the days go by

Can you believe that after downloading both Photoshop and Picasa, I used paint to make my new header? It barely even took 10 minutes as well, just shows you should stick to what you know!

So everyone's slowly been pulling ourselves out of the gutter after Trixie past and trying to get on with things. I've spent the last couple of weeks at home, with some nights in at friends, and catching up on TV series. I've been looking for a hobby, something (other than my agility, preferably something slightly cheaper and warmer in the winter months) which will keep me occupied on long days like this when I'm off of uni with nothing to do.
So I decided on Soap Making. I'm going to give it a bash and see if I could make some nice handmade Christmas presents, since as always we're pinching pennies this year.

I also purchased a 120 palette from eBay. I have never been a big colour person with makeup, usually it's neutrals or a black/brown smokey eye. But this palette is just so inspiring. It's occupied me for days just trying out different colours and seeing what suits me. I'm hoping to build my confidence just a bit to be able to go out in some colours. Not to mention for only £10, it was seriously good value for money. Although the shades are seriously soft (I'm a bit frightened of pressing too hard in case I break them), they are totally pigmented.
My Mum also got me this cute little nail art set. I've never been one for sparkly things on my nails, but then again up until last year I wasn't one for nail polish at all, so I'm not knocking it until I've tried it.


  1. well either way, it looks great!

  2. i second that- it's pretty :) i popped here when I saw you are a midwife- awesome! i had my second in a birthing centre with a midwife.