Tuesday, August 16

sore paw

The first night of training after Izzie's show did not end well. She clipped a pole near the end of the class (though didn't drop it) and managed to crack her nail. She didn't cry, and it only bled for a little bit but I cleaned it when we got home just incase.

The morning after I had a proper look at it and realised it was cracked at the quick, so it was off to the vets. They agreed that something had to be done, as if it was left to grow it would be infected easier. They gave the option for surgery, or pulling the whole nail out then and there. Although it was going to be sorer, I opted for doing it then and there as the idea of surgery made me sick. She was taken into the back and I was warned I would hear her squeal - so off I went with her lead into the waiting room in tears. I felt so guilty.

However she was extremely brave, our vets said she only cried a little bit and that she was a very tough little Cavalier (as when his cavalier had the same procedure done, he acted like he was having his leg sawn off). He didn't dress it at all, which I agreed with. However whenever she goes outside I thought best to cover it, and then undress it again when inside. Paranoid mother I am.


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