Monday, December 6

snow - for or against?

- makes it really difficult for me to attend placement and do my required hours.

- made me get stuck in a 4 hour traffic jam getting home today for what should have took 5 minutes.

- makes it hard to walk my babies as it's double their height.

- makes me unable to do anything but sit around and gain weight.

- makes me scared to go outside and drive anywhere.

&hearts makes me want to stay in and go nigella on the kitchen baking and cooking.

&hearts makes this little ugly town become a beautiful scene from a postcard.

&hearts makes me stay in with Liam and the pups and have countless amazing cozy nights in.

&hearts makes it okay for me to wear cozy jammies and fuzzy socks all day long.

&hearts makes me look forward to Christmas so much!


  1. I would love to experience a white Christmas, so my vote is 'for'!

  2. We get moderate snow where I'm from, so I'm generally for it. I drink lots of cocoa and catch up on my reading. NOT for getting stuck for 4 hours in the car though!!!

  3. @Shannon isn't it awful. People were stuck in their cars for over 17 hours just trying to get home from work. Today is just as bad due to all the abandoned cars.