Sunday, November 14

our new family

This picture really sums up how Izzie has felt for the past couple of days I think.

I forgot how much work puppies are. I forgot how much they eat. I forgot how much they sleep and want to play and bite and pee and poo. I made the assumption that Izzie would love him and our life would be perfect.

Okay fine I'm exaggerating. He's amazing and beautiful but no Izzie really doesn't like him. She's coming around and starting to play fight which is better than her giving him the 'your dead to me' look when he walked past trying to bite her tail. He makes such cute little noises that sound like beeps when he's sleeping that make me want to wake him up and smoosh him (I really shouldn't have babies). He's my excuse for not taking part in any uni/midwifery work this weekend because I can't stop looking at how lovely him and Izzie look together. You can't tell from the picture, but her limbs are so stiff that rigamortis could be setting in.


I have high hopes!

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