Saturday, December 11

more snuggly nights

My poor wee brave boy George got his last vaccination today after what seems like forever. Sadly he had a bad time with it as a blood vessel burst in his neck and he was bleeding all over the place. He's understandably in a huff (though completely fine and no damage done) and so I'm glad that I was unable to attend my placement today to stay home with him. Something good seems to have came from it though; Izzie was amazed at the smell of his neck when we got home and he was feeling sorry for himself, so they're snuggled up nicely at their own will for the first time!


These weeks leading up to Christmas seem awfully pointless in terms of getting things done. Due to the weather placement has been postponed and slow which is upsetting - and while it's not great we need to make the time up we miss, I'm glad that it will at least be at a time when there will be lots more to do and learn. The past few weeks have had some firsts though, first time taking blood, first palpation, first blood pressure taken, first urinalysis (I know not exciting for some, but yay!). Sadly I have my first assignment to hand in on Monday and I'm still not finished, so I'm off to cram and get that done.

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