Thursday, March 1

Wussy Dog?

My poor little boy George is a nervous dog. I know - how very un-Cavalier breed standard of him? He is healthy, been with us since a puppy and never been through a traumatic experience. But sometimes personality is all it takes and he's a little wuss.

With us he's no problem, and we visit my parents house a lot (they watch him while we're off in dog free places) so he's comfortable with them. But people he doesn't know he gives a cross between a bark and a mumble and flattens himself like he's ducking until they've been around him for at least 10 minutes then he's over it.

(can you believe it?)

Not that really it's all that bad. He stays out of people's ways and with other dogs (unless we're on the lead) he likes a good chase around. However a couple of months ago he started being a weirdo with agility equipment. More specifically - with his contacts. Which is a great shame as we've already entered him in his first show at the end of the month. He'll do them, 2 on 2 off perfectly, but boy does he not look happy about it. So we're practicing as much as we can with him at home to overcome this - with a plank balancing on a pole to make a very small sea saw.
After his first try he would go up to it and take a treat. The next time, he's put a paw on it. Now he's sitting on it. We're getting there slowly but surely. It just goes to show you that with some extra training and a little confidence building you can get there. In time for March 31st? Hmm, that's yet to be confirmed.


However as you can see all of the pups are in a slight huff with us at the moment. Why? Because we're off to Crufts tomorrow! I'm sure they'll forgive us when we bring them back lots of goodies. Nice big haul on the way!

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