Wednesday, February 29

Pedigree Dogs Exposed 2

Well with all the hype I should probably put in my 2cent, what with living with a Syringomyelia Cavalier and heading off to Crufts next week.

For anyone who didn't see it, PDE2 was the follow-up to the documentary which gave the Kennel Club a kick up the backside. It highlighted the shocking old fashioned ways of the breeders in our country and how they breed without concern over a dogs health - purely for cosmetic purposes. It's still on BBC iPlayer if anyone wants to have a watch, though brace yourself as it's not for the soft hearted.

It was a difficult watch overall. Not as bad as the first, but then it did repeat a lot. It made me - someone who has to live with only mild SM - feel awful so I don't know how it made breeders feel. What with the dogs screaming and hearing about poor pugs and having to listen to their obstructed breathing I was once again in sobs.
But of course, it was one sided. Maybe the Kennel Club were silly as they didn't chose to comment (however they did run an Q&A session on their website which I took part in, waiting back for tomorrow for the answers), as it left them a lot more vulnerable to critisim. And of course, there are good breeders out there. There are those who do their health tests and love their dogs completely who cannot be forgotten and tarred with the same brush.

It mentioned a lot about how Cavaliers have no future. And if it isn't clear my feelings are mixed as I think it had to be shown to shock but at the same time upset me into thinking my beautiful breed might not be with us much longer. A world without Cavaliers? My life would be so different. It isn't even worth thinking about.

All I keep thinking is that I don't do enough and that I want to do more to help the breed. So anyone out there who needs or wants help with raising awareness or the likes just let me know as I want to get more involved in this cause and do what I can to help.

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