Sunday, January 1

New Year, New Dog!

How neglectful can someone be to their blog? Ouch. I've been off of uni now for a week or so and I can say with honesty all I've done is lay on the couch with the dogs and ate. I'm okay with this though, as in a week I'll be back on placement and not have the chance to do much else.

However, one thing did happen a couple of weeks ago - my Dad rehomed a new dog! His name is Dexter and he is a Cavalier/Cocker spaniel who we got from a family with young children who didn't have the time to spend on him. He's settled in quickly, though George (our only unneutered male) is a bit of a grump at the moment when we're visiting.

There is definitely more Cocker than Cavalier in him.

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday season and a great New Year. 2012 will hopefully be a year of getting things done for me. Along with uni, I hope to start my online venture, research my family tree and start competing with George in agility. And maybe even spend a little bit more time around here too!

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  1. Great family shot! Agility... I am hoping that means more photos for me to see. Happy New Year