Saturday, June 4


Liam and me - after months of humming and hawing - have finally put down a deposit on a rental flat and we're moving in next week. A little sceptical on how the dogs are going to be, bathroom break wise, but I'm not worried. When we walk them we drive to parks rather than walking so it won't be a huge change. Either way, I'm excited about us having our own place and starting to fill it with our own things.

I've been putting off doing uni work since I went on my community placement, this whole working 9-5 Mon-Fri thing really doesn't do it for me. I'm definetly a shift person. I'm excited about going into the wards from next week and really getting back to normal, not to mention start some due very soon work.


I've been trying to get Liam to take photos of Izzie and me at training as I don't have any good jumping pictures of her. A little blurry, but oh how cute.


  1. Good luck with the new place! Moving is a ton of work but worth it. We are still unpacking and organizing after moving at the beginning of May. Definitely a process. Love the picture. You can tell by that face she is loving it!

  2. Sounds like exciting times are ahead. Of all the breeds out there I think Cavaliers adapt to their living environment as long as their human is still around. Great photo! All you active Cavalier owners have inspired us; we are starting Rally with both dogs in a few wks!