Monday, June 20

Is two enough?

My Mum says that when our family dogs grow old, and their time with us comes to an end, she doesn't want anymore. She loves them both very much. But they're too. Too noisy, too needy, too yappy, too smelly, too hairy.


My Dad and me laugh each time, laugh because we know she would love any dog who came to live with them. Laugh because we couldn't imagine the house without them. Laugh because we're scared she's being honest.

Dogs and all of the things that come with them having become one of the main focal points in my life without me realising it. There when my parent's split up, there when I started high school and finished, there when I left home for the first time. I studied them in college for two years. My baby girl taught me to how to look after someone other than myself, about how the little things are most important. She boosted my confidence, she introduced me to new friends and a new world of people in Agility. She makes me smile with only a thought or a look every single day.

My little man showed me that everyone is different. That while things might start off difficult (or cheeky), that in the long run they'll be so worth it. He knows you don't need perfect hair to be cute, and that greeting people with a bark just means you wanna say hey.

A house without a dog isn't a home. A walk without a dog is pointless. A plate that hasn't been licked isn't clean. And a life without a dog isn't worth living.


  1. my human always tells me a life without me would be so boring and less of joy! Lucky me, lucky us!

  2. That was so nicely told! My dogs help to make sense of my life too. I must admit though, I have owned a few other breeds and loved them all dearly. But the Cavaliers have this "special" connection I think. I swear they read my every thought.