Monday, April 11


Sun burn? In Scotland? From a couple of hours outside? You would think it was a dream - but it's not! I walked away from the Woodbank Agility show on Saturday with two rosettes (4ths!) and a tan.

Something very strange happened from the off at the show - Izzie was running flat out. Usually when watching Cavaliers in agility they're quite the plod alongs, but my my did I get a shock. She was going at full pelt, so much so I didn't have a clue how to handle her around the courses because I was caught between laughter and amazement. I'm hoping it could be that she really enjoys the outdoor shows, and her confidence was boosted after Dundee and that she keeps it up. It's all really down to me learning how to control a speedy little dog now!

Sadly I don't have any of her runs on video as Liam was working and couldn't join us. My parents did come by to see us run for the first time which was nice, and my step dad is currently dreaming of training his next dog in agility, very addictive it is!

I'm a little bit gutted that it was our last show that we've entered at the moment. I think Izzie is coming into season and I'm hoping to get her spayed asap, as well as me doing my hospital placement over June and July and shifts being really awkward. But we'll still be attending our training and be back in the swing of things for August. I took a little (not very good, mobile phone) picture of our rosettes from her first ever 4 shows, can't believe how well she's done!


  1. That is a lot of great accomplishment in just 4 shows! Fantastic! You asked about the Wordless Wednesday. YOu post a photo on your blog (I use a quote - but it is supposed to be wordless lol). Then you sign up each wed by joining a linksy list - here is this wks:

    Hope you join in sometime and be sure to visit the other blog photos too.

  2. Loved watching your video. Your Blenheim and mine could be twins. Lovely conformation.
    My Gus is also a speedy little dog. Full of energy and mischief. While I do not run him in agility (yet) we spend a great deal of time in the park. He's a born explorer. My husband tells me we should have named him Marco Polo. Gus is fearless and I find myself wishing that I were 21 again! :-)