Monday, April 4

Dundee Agility Show

If this show taught me anything, it's a bad trait of mine - I am a bad loser. Or well, not in an angry, unfair sort of way. In more of a I want to cry and take a huff way - all in all not a very attractive or mature look, and something I really need to work on. However not that this weekend was a bad one we had some really lovely runs, unfortunately there was a soft tunnel in most of the courses which we haven't trained on at all due to us training indoors and they need to be pegged outside. I'm simply putting this down to Izzie only starting in August when we went inside, it's not her fault she's so good at agility she started competing in under 6 months before we had a chance to go out! It was the 1st outdoor show of the season, her first time competing on grass, and she really was great.

Here we are getting a clear round in a Combined 1-4 Jumping class. She won 3rd place, very proud of her! Can't believe she done the 12 pole weave with no problem, her first time even trying it at a show. We also got a 2nd in an Agility run but sadly I can't find the video.

Liam and me had a chance to enjoy our camping experience for 2 nights as well. The first was a pleasant surprise as we ended up roasting, whereas the second we woke up to frost on the ground - ouch on the toes that night! But we really loved the camp, and are on the look out for some nice places to go next time we have a weekend free together.

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  1. Look at that tail wag the whole course - even through the soft tunnel. Looks like you had a great time.