Tuesday, March 1

a mother's woes

Izzie had a bad night at training last night. I don't mean that she worked bad, I mean that bad things kept happening to her. I accidentally stood/tripped over her twice, she tried to greet a less than happy dog and was snapped at, and she attempted to jump a large pole and smacked her head off of it. All this ended up with her traumatized and a shaking mess by the time we got her into the car at the end of the night. Thankfully though she seems to have forgotten all about it and it hopefully won't have a lasting effect.


It must be those kind of days though as I had to leave uni early yesterday to take George to the vet as he constantly has uh, less than perfect stool. Lots of money less later he has some meds and new food. However today he launched (or was pushed by Izzie, can't really tell) off of a chair and he's bashed one of his teeth - we only realised from the blood all over their cream teddy bear.

stunning, 5 month

A very stressful puppy-mother couple of days so uploaded some pictures of some of their walks to remind me it's not all bad.

off lead

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