Tuesday, March 29

lazy weekend


My poor little Izzie had a sad time at agility training last night. After a german shephard went for her last week she doesn't want to run near the corner of the barn he's in - which is fair enough. I was quite teary though as I hate to see her like that as she loves her agility so it's a shame, however when she gets to a different venue or show etc she's brand new. I ended up running her in the opposite way and that put a smile back on her face.We need to work on it though but it's not really something we can overcome with the particular dog, he's sadly just not the friendliest.

I've been off of uni since Thursday and managed to not do any work. This may seem like a bad thing, but I've started assignments due in August so I'm way ahead of myself - and relaxing was totally needed. Basically my weekend as been;

♥ Getting camping equipment together for Friday, cannot wait.
♥ Managing to get to the E4 in Pokemon White, geek anyone?
♥ Do lots of weave training at home with Izzie, working on right hand entry.
♥ Look at fabrics for making dog collars.
♥ All in all, be lazy with my pups.


  1. Hey just found your blog. How cute is your dog!! I do showjumping but really wish I had a dog to take round agility classes too, its like mini showjumps!