Wednesday, March 30

collar crafting

I've had a sewing machine sitting in the box gathering dust for god knows how many months now. My partner got me it late last year after I spent way too many hours on etsy and decided that I had to summon my inner craft. I did take it out of the box and had a small shot, but after not even knowing how to thread the thing - I took a huff and under the bed it went.
However after having nearly a week off of uni I thought I'd finally sit down and have a proper shot in making dog collars. No point in lots of supplies going to waste!
Thinking if I get any good at making them I might set up an etsy of my own, really happy with the outcome.


  1. :) Your funny!! I love the collar. We have two big doggies but no fancy collars. Maybe if you get really good you could sell them!! Thanks for the smile.

  2. Wow that looks really good. You should put them on ebay! And do cat ones too :)

  3. you SHOULD sell them! they are terrific!!! and lots of people would buy them!!!

  4. Oooh very pretty!!I can't believe it's not on etsy!? You would sell lots!

    Ellie and I give it 2 paws up :)

  5. @everyone, thanks so much guys! You've all really boosted my confidence, I'm definetly going to get some supplies for an etsy store :)