Saturday, March 17

Crufts Haul

This isn't even everything I bought - just what I had to hand while taking the picture.


  • 2 fleece lined harnesses - Due to Izzie's SM I've went off collars as they make her itch quite a bit, these are perfect. Pink for Izzie, red for George.
  • Variety of treats - lots of stands (Fish4Dogs, DogMonthly etc) were giving away treats or samples and I'm never one to say no. Mine aren't fussy so we use everything for Agility.
  • Cavalier Matters items - I spent a lot of time at the stall, it was very addictive! I got lovely SM Awareness wristbands, some I love Cavalier stickers and so on. I had to be stopped!
  • Tugs - Both Izzie and George have lost interest in a ball while at training, the horse poo is much better, but tugs have really caught their interest recently.
  • Dog beds - I got 3. The fluffy 'Snug and Cozy' one was £21, both dogs are in love with it. The big brown one with the paws on it I got 2 of, they were £7 each - machine washable.
  • Fish4Dogs - I am so fussy with dog food it's unreal. Usually mine are on James Wellbeloved or I'm tested out raw. However these bags (which are usually £8.99 RRP) of 1.5kg Fish4Dogs were £3 each and both pups love the treats so it was a bargain. I also got treats and a treat bag for Agility for £1.50!
Not photographed I also got new ID tags for Izzie and George along with my Mum's dogs. They were £2 each engraved. I got my Mum a couple of presents for looking after my pair too and a few doggy magazines for myself. I'm sure there is more but thats all I can think of at the moment.

All in all I spent £115 on everything mentioned. Very reasonable! Of course we had to pay for our hotel and food too, but we get free tickets into Crufts so it was well worth the 6 hour drive - we'll no doubt be back again next year.

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  1. Nice ! A lot of stuff for not too much money ! You did good deals !

    The harnesses look great ! I'd love to see them on Izzie and George if you can ?