Friday, August 5

holiday time

With my 1st year of university over (well..minus 1 assignment due in at the end of the month), it is such a huge sigh of relief. I have 7 weeks off now to reminisce on all the amazing ups and downs which it has brought, and the amazing people it's brought into my life. I'm so happy to have these experiences and I'm honestly sad it won't last forever.

Hopefully in my time off I'll be spending lots of days at home with my man and the pups. I feel as if I've been disconnected from them for so long and can't wait to be able to spend time doing nothing together.

This starts tomorrow as we're off to an agility show in St.Andrews. Izzie hasn't been to training in a couple of months so I think it will be amusing to say the least. We'll be camping but apparently it's to be heavy rain so I'm imagining it'll be lots of reading in the car and the tent. Wish us luck!

portabella beach
[Izzie and me are Portabella beach, Edinburgh)


  1. that seems like an amazing day! Have great holidays and good luck for the show!

  2. Good luck at the show. I'm glad you have some time off to enjoy your pups between school semesters. I just finished what better be my last venture to school and it was an insane year. Time off is wonderful. Enjoy your summer holidays!