Saturday, September 25

Paris 2010

Liam and me just spent 5 amazing days in Paris. Everywhere we turned it felt like a photo had been placed in front of our eyes - Notre-dame, sainte chapelle, the louvre. Each street had a history - a feeling you don't just get anywhere.


We're not a rich couple, we don't have a lot of money left for ourselves at the end of the month so this was our annual holiday and god knows when the next time we'll be able to get away will be. So we savoured everything that little bit more.
On the first day we took a bike trip with a company called Bike About Tours. It lasted over 3 hours and promised not to be difficult for those *cough* who hadn't cycled in more than 10 years. Along with taking us through the major sites, they led us down back roads and places you would never have found yourself. Doing this on the first day really gave us a sense of direction, and they really didn't lie when they said it wouldn't be difficult. I may have been numb in some unfortunate places afterwards, but it was completely worth it.

We visited Disneyland on the second day, which happened to be Liam's first time. We turned into children and ran around on everything in both the magic kingdom and the studios, managing to fit everything into the one day, which was a huge worry.

The last two days were spent on both trying to see all of the sites we wanted and trying to relax just a little bit. My top place had to be Notre-Dame, even if you're not religious it was stunning and I was in awe every time I looked around. Not to mention teny tiny birds would come and sit on your hand if you have food! (I don't want to say this was a best bit, but it totally was)

oh hai

The worse had to be the catacombs. A long tiny tunnel underground (and I really do mean far underground) which was filled with bodies when the cemeteries in Paris became overpopulated. If you are in the slightest bit claustrophobic do not do this, I'm not and my skin wanted to crawl away from me.

It was a great couple of days, but I really feel like we needed more time to take everything in. All the rushing and the bustling city made us less relaxed than we wanted to be coming home which was a great shame because we such a good time.

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  1. Wow these pictures are great. Paris and a rainbow? It doesn't get better than that :)