Wednesday, May 19

here I go

I think I've outgrown my Livejournal and thats why I'm here. After being inspired by the Julie/Julia project I want to start documenting my life and plans incase I miss anything along the way. I'll no doubt keep up the Livejournal (for the communities if nothing else), but I want somewhere to look back on everything and this should be the place.

I love baking, dogs, birth and cosmetics. Everything else I'm interested in really stems from those main things. Maybe thats a lie, theres probably a million more. Like travel? I doubt that stems from them. Things that will probably become more apart the more I use this. The love of my life is a little CKCS named Izzie, I'll spend too much time talking about our day to day life and take so many pictures of her. I'm alright with saying shes my obsession. I love country living and so wish I had the lifestyle (hense the name), thats what I'm aiming for.

My plans are to take more pictures. Maybe take up a photo a day for a year? Start bettering myself in the stuff I do and learn more about things around me. Read more blogs (though they take up my life a little now I'll admit) and generally just set up base for a long while. I feel at home already.

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